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Three Trees and three Flowers

On November 4th 2006 Gallery Nucleus is having us three trees (Tadahiro Uesugi, Ronnie del Carmen and Enrico Casarosa) over at their wonderful space again … but the main event are three amazing illustrators that we are truly excited to have here from Japan. Yoko Tanji, Icco Sasai, and Wakako Katayama I’ve been loving their work on the net for years and it was a really pleasure to meet them in person last february in Tokyo, Yoko Tanji even joined us all day for SketchCrawl. So if you don’t know their work these three flowers are gonna blow you away. Wonderful wonderful illustrations you will want to own. And on top of all that Tadahiro, Ronnie and I are gonna be debuting and signing (keeping my fingers crossed on this one as we’re finishing design on this right now, hope the printers make it in time) the art book ” 森 3 trees make a forest” published by Gingko Press. The hard cover book is gonna have all the pieces from last year’s artshow and more. We are so excited to fully feature Tadahiro’s work in a book for the first time in the US. Can’t wait to hold one in my hand. It’s even already up for preorder on Amazon. So … there you have it. Three trees and three flowers.

One note- Amazon lists an early estimate we had of a 84 pages book, but we are actually aiming now for 128 pages.


3 Trees Make a forest : a 3 men artshow held on November 19th 2005 at Nucleus Gallery (Los Angeles), is soon going to be an art book !! November 4th 2006 Ronnie del Carmen, Tadahiro Uesugi and I will be back at Nucleus ! Stay tuned for more details.


Well, the rumors are true … Ronnie del Carmen, Tadahiro Uesugi and I are having an artshow together at Nucleus Gallery (LA) on Saturday November 19th (one day before my bday!). We are pretty darn excited to have our friend Tadahiro Uesugi flying over from Tokyo for the opening night. If you don’t know his work you’re in for a treat.

But what the heck does that title mean you might ask? Well the Japanese character for forest 森 pronounced “mori” is made of 3 repeated characters 木 pronounced “ki”, which singularly mean tree. So three trees do make a forest see? As I started doodling sketches for possible titles for the show something started to stick with me about this concept. The trees form something bigger than a single tree could ever be, the works of the 3 of us coming together will form something more than our singles’ output. Well maybe it’s a little brainy, but this is pretty much how the title formed and though a little strange it quickly grew on all of us. So well, what to say, we went for it … made cards and started spreading the word. So we are proud to help showing Tadahiro’s work for the first time in the US and I am just amazingly honored to be in such company. Ronnie and I are actually pretty darn terrified too as there will be no way for our work not to pale side by side to Tadahiro on the walls of Nucleus… X) but what the hell, we’re gonna enjoy the ride !! Now … I gotta get to work on new pieces ! Oh almost forgot we’re also going to be working on a book of the exhibition, which we’re really excited about too, but since there might be a publisher interested the times involved will be a little longer. We won’t be designing the book until after the show.