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Monday, September 6th, 2010

Was in the mood to draw some cars today, found this old Datsun not far from my house. The AlfaRomeo I found in my sketchbook, from more than a year ago, finally watercolored it.

Crazy Cloud

Friday, May 28th, 2010

I saw a compelling theater/butoh performance last night “The crazy cloud collection” by InkBoat. Here’s my squiggles in the dark from the night. Strangely while I draw them in the dark I feel they are probably not working or not worth my time …. but then when I look at them in the light, usually [...]

World Wide SketchCrawl 27

Monday, May 17th, 2010

The forums are bustling with activity with artists posting drawings from almost one hundred locations around the world, really amazing, be sure to check it out. Here in San Francisco we spent sketchcrawl around downtown with a nice and large group of artists. Here are my contributions from the day, all people drawing for some [...]

Dance doodles

Thursday, May 6th, 2010

Some sketches from a nice dance performance we saw last night at the headlands, called “Please love me”.

Sketching in the car

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

Drawing on Ronnie’s iPad on our commute to work. Not bad considering the car’s jerking around. I still think I’d need to buy a good pen for it. Finger painting goes only so far for me.

What if

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

What if I did a random little pencil and watercolor drawing everyday and put it on my office wall as in the photo? It might be really interesting to see the wall after a couple of months … That is if I can keep it up of course … Might be hard on some days [...]

More Ivo

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

Spent a nice weekend down south at my inlaws and couldn’t help doing some more drawings of their chubby cat Ivo. Best model ever.


Tuesday, March 10th, 2009

Here’s another couple of doddles from Ratatouille times … Skinner the eeevil chef. There used to be a short little sequence at his apartment as he was scheeming … and ironing his pants … of course.

brush pen drawings

Monday, February 16th, 2009

Did these a few months ago, inspired by Fio. I hadn’t used a brush pen in a long while when I did these … with all the pencil and watercolor work I’ve been doing I had forgot how much fun that can be.

21st WWSketchCrawl

Sunday, January 11th, 2009

What a great sketchcrawl this past saturday! It was hands down the most attended with artists participating and gathering in more than 90 different locations around the globe. Don’t miss checking out all the drawings on the forums! It really still blows my mind that on these days we are soo many around the world [...]