An interview with Mr Polland

A couple of weeks back when we were down in LosAngeles for the Animation Breakdown screening of La Luna I sat down for a video interview with David Polland. I enjoyed our chat, he’s very good at making it an informal and relaxed affair. Now if I could only get past listening to my own voice …

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  1. annie Says:

    After following SketchCrawl, all these years, it is great to hear you and see you, Enrico, and to hear more about the production of La Luna. Congratulations.


  2. menguao Says:

    Great interview, leaves lots of clues… as it happens usually in this blog.

    Laughts at the bambini part! Good one, it would be nice to see that mix between filmaking and babysitting.

    And keep doin that “step by step” so good, we´re expecting to see what´s next! (actually i´m still expecting to see what you´ve done with La Luna first).


  3. james Says:

    This is awesome Enrico. Dice and I were just talking about you. I’m rooting for you all the way for that Oscar! congratulations on the nomination!

  4. mark fletcher Says:

    Thanks for sharing your life and work with us, Enrico! We in Tallahassee are so happy for you and La Luna…enjoy your interview with Mr. Polland…& your blog.
    your sketchcrawl friend,

  5. Floyd Norman Says:

    It’s always a delight to see the Pixar artists sketching in San Francisco on weekends. SketchCrawl is another delightful enterprise Enrico has given us. What a talented guy on so many levels.

  6. Bill Groh Says:

    Enrico, Is there any connection between La Luna and The Little Prince? That’s what I kept feeling when I seen it…I felt some kind of a common thread….Could be just my imagination.

  7. Ezequiel Says:

    Hi Enrico!

    I´ve seen just the few available seconds of “La luna” and… how wonderful is to realize that the imagination get impressed from the very beginning!!

    good job!!

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