Cartoon Art Museum benefit at Pixar

We have a great event to benefit the Cartoon Art Museum happening this saturday at Pixar, there might be even some tickets left for purchase if you’re so inclined. Among the many wonderful things Michael Johnson has been organizing to make it a special day at Pixar, we’ll be showing La Luna and I’ll be talking about the making of it. I also just finished this watercolor for the art auction section (which is always an amazing and unique chance to get yourself some original art by many talented Pixarians).

UPDATE – you can bid on-line here on this watercolor and many other pieces by amazing artist such as Ronnie del Carmen, Daniela Strijleva, Pete Docter, Scott Morse, Derek Thompson and more.

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  1. Bruno Says:

    Beautiful painting! I really love this sort, one of my favorite Pixar’s shorts!
    I had the opportunity to watch here in Brazil at Animamundi, the history, the art and the music got totally my attention. Watching it made me feel like a child again!

  2. Cordell Cohoon Says:

    Lovely illustration! Definitely looking forward to this event.

  3. David McClain Says:

    We attended a few years ago and it was wonderful. Wish we could make it again, I’d love to see La Luna screened in the theater…. And we’d love to meet Enrico… too bad.

  4. giorgio Says:

    Hey Enrico, this painting deserves a woooooow…you just wonder what this kid is thinking now…i haven’t seen the sort yet, can’t wait to see it on the big screen…if only Mia episode 3 could see the light..hehehehe..just kiddin….good luck with all the other work and your family…..

  5. Steven Ng Says:

    Hi Enrico
    Love the La Luna illustration. Thanks for helping out the CAM where I’ve been a member since 1993. I did get to see the short at the Animation Show of Shows. I think you have a good shot at an Oscar for this one.

  6. Talita Says:

    Hello, I’m from Brazil and today I went to cinema with my godson. He is 4 year old and before the movie, we watched “La Luna”, he was so touched with the movie.
    Thanks for dazzle my boy with the cinema magic.

  7. Frank Grau Says:

    Beautiful illustration! The animated short was lovely.

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