6:00 it’s a day!

And it’s a wrap! One last thing I wanted to share: during the production of La Luna every sunday night at the end of a weekend I’d be like: “YES! IT’S MONDAY TOMORROW!! I CAN’T WAIT!”. I’ve had a lot of great times at Pixar but never before had I this feeling about going to work on a monday, I couldn’t wait to get to work and see one more small piece of this big puzzle coming together. That’s how special making La Luna was for me. I can’t wait till you all can see this short we made … cheers!

4 Responses to “6:00 it’s a day!”

  1. Santiago Casares Says:

    Thanks for sharing the process, Enrico! :)

  2. Chrystin Garland Says:

    Got to see a screening today at the Animation Breakdown! Absolutely Beautiful! Congratulations!

  3. menguao Says:

    Agree with Santiago up there. It´s a privilege to be able to follow the process of a filmaking progress in real time, and even more… a pixar one!! Wow.
    Seriously man THANK U for sharing all these experiences with all of us. I´m glad you´re enjoying, you make that feeling contagious. Just can´t wait to see La Luna.

  4. Marco Says:

    Sono tornato sul tuo blog dopo un pò di assenza e rimango incantato da tutto questo “pò pò” di meraviglioso work in progress!!
    da Genova grazie :)

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