2:30pm Recording session

Steve Bloom and I record temporary gibberish for the story reels. The actors changed but the gibberish and the gesticulating stayed! ;) I am acting as grandpa, can you tell? By the way here‘s an old cartoon I grew up with in Italy, La Linea. Inspiringly goofy stuff.

2 Responses to “2:30pm Recording session”

  1. annie Says:

    Oh, Enrico, that cartoon is hilarious. Thank you for
    sharing it. I had to replay it and replay it. I am
    crazy about line, anyway.

  2. sonja knyssok Says:

    Hi, Enrico.

    Wow, this is soo cool. I canĀ“t wait to see the gesture of you in the movie. You seem to be a good “grandpa”. ;)

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