12:00pm lunch break

Here’s a brainstorm in process … ;)
Eh eh, joke aside I do usually need to move around at lunch break, either run, swim or do some yoga … it gives me time to process information and either make decisions or come up with new ideas/solutions. We are very lucky to be at a Studio that support such lunch breaks!

3 Responses to “12:00pm lunch break”

  1. joscha van deijk Says:

    Ha, this reminds me of your page in the Sketchtravel book!

  2. Bill Robinson Says:

    Nice arm balance!! I’ve been getting more into yoga over the past year and I have been loving it. Really helps alleviate stress and is great for healing mind and body! Keep it up. (PS, I remember your yoga cartoon t-shirt – any more of those floating around somewhere??)

  3. SILVIO Says:

    Complimenti, non solo per il lavoro svolto in PIXAR, ma per la maestria nella posizione del pavone! Orgoglioso di essere una mente italiana:-)…..
    P.S.vi serve qualcuno che oltre a praticare yoga sappia usare l’arte del colore:-D

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