A day in the production of La Luna

Tomorrow I am gonna try a little experiment and post/tweet in “almost real time” a little photographic essay of a day in my life during the production of La Luna. The photos you’ll see were shot by Debby Coleman at Pixar with a couple of crappy shots from my iphone added in the mix as well. As always I’ll be trying to avoid any spoilers … so, that’s it … I hope you enjoy it and I’ll do my best to answer any questions if you have any.

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  1. annie Says:

    Great news, Enrico. I love best of all to know about what went into the making of things. Looking forward to hearing all about it, tomorrow.


  2. These are the people in my internet*: Enrico Casarosa – beepily Says:

    [...] to the past year. Casarosa blogged a day-in-the-life series of posts on the process of making La Luna, and he gave a peek at the experience of being nominated for an [...]

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