La Luna … for your consideration

Warning the image at the following link is a spoiler (mild one), if you haven’t seen La Luna and you want a nice clean slate, skip this.
But … Regardless of the outcome, THIS is something to celebrate. I feel very proud … and also very lucky to have this honor. Yay La Luna!

3 Responses to “La Luna … for your consideration”

  1. Marco Says:

    AArrghg!!! I’m scare, spoilers are evil, I’ll be wait to see the short :)

  2. federica Says:

    caro Enrico,
    notizie sulle date di uscita di “la luna” in Italia?
    Non vedo l’ora, i tuoi disegni sono molto belli, hai una sensibilità incredibile.

  3. menguao Says:

    Hey, mister Enrico. I´m an artist from spain and i just published a work in my webpage that is basically inspired by your work (made it with all my respect and admiration). I´d feel very proud if you would be so kind to visit it.

    This is no publicity, I won´t insert the link so there won´t be problems, you just have to search at menguao dot com and i think you´re gonna find it with no more explaination.

    Thank u anyhow, by your work and this beautiful blog. And I hope La luna arrives soon around here so we all can enjoy it.

    Andrés Arcos.

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