La Luna at Telluride Film Festival

Here’s what I couldn’t tell you till now since the festival keeps its plans under wraps until the last minute: La Luna is playing at Telluride Film festival this weekend ! I’m so excited about this. It’s playing in front of Vim Wenders Pina. I’m a huge fan, I couldn’t be more honored, I was only a teenager when I saw Wings of desire. It floored me. Also adored Until the end of the world and Paris Texas. Such amazing movies! La Luna and Pina are scheduled to screen today, tomorrow and sunday.
Only bummer: I won’t get to attend, the festival sounds like so much fun.
One exciting fact, only Luxo Jr, Geri’s game and For the Birds have played
at the festival. La Luna joins an illustrious bunch!!!

2 Responses to “La Luna at Telluride Film Festival”

  1. Gus Says:

    Awesome news Enrico, cant wait to see your short too!

    I saw the clip that you shared of Pina but didn’t know about the connection to Wings of Desire, a favorite movie of mine as well.


  2. RJ Says:

    That’s very encouraging to hear Enrico! It’s a shame that you won’t get to attend, but I’m sure it will be more exciting when the world gets to see La Luna when it premiers in the cinemas for all to see. You must be as excited as a wee boy at school all over again. :o )

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