La Luna at AnimaMundi in Brazil.

Bom Dia! Live in Brazil? We just received confirmed dates for screenings of La Luna at the Anima Mundi Film Festival.
In Rio de Janeiro:
Thursday July 21st , 8:00 pm at Arteplex
Saturday July 23rd , 3:30 pm at Odeon
In São Paulo:
Sunday 31st, 06:00 pm at Memorial da América Latina.
I am pretty bummed I couldn’t make it down to Brazil, work and life have been pretty nuts (moving to a new home), but I am excited that La Luna will be screening there! Brazilian friends, let us know if you get to see it and what you thought! Obrigado!

They have just added two screenings! La Luna will also play at their opening nights.
Wednesday, July 13 8:00 pm Rio Opening Night
Tuesday, July 26 São Paulo Opening Night

2 Responses to “La Luna at AnimaMundi in Brazil.”

  1. aliette Says:

    so I organized a sketchcrawl with a group of friends at la couronne 16 France. It was raining on july 23th so we did it to day .
    It was a great day.
    we were 2 at the begining then 8 at the end. But 2, me and a friend ,were really workink all day! Crazy but funny.
    we have a low lever but we wanted to share a good day in our village, ordinary village with a fabulous abbaye.
    so now we want to show our sketches to the other even if the other artists are so good!
    thank you Enrico that is a good idea.
    we created a facebook fot that : lacouronne16.croquis

  2. Danila Ribeiro Says:

    I watched La Luna at the Anima Mundi – Sao Paulo.
    Awesome work! Increbible history and characters. Lovely!

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