Run Run Thank You Run!

I wanted to share with you a little animation I made for the La Luna crew: the Pixarians who have made La Luna possible. I wanted to screen this at the wrap party but my schedule was too hectic at the time. I wasn’t able to finish it until yesterday, but here it is now … gratitude … in animation form.
Click the link below to see it!

Run Run Thank You Run!

3 Responses to “Run Run Thank You Run!”

  1. Menguao Says:

    Ha ha! Funny! Pitty I wasn´t able to see the hole animation very well… maybe it´s my computer, but i´m not sure.


  2. Marco Says:

    Straordinario, te lo volevo comunicare da un pò…
    Siamo tutti orgogliosi, da voltri a nervi, dal giro del fullo a vernazzola… ma soprattutto a San Fruttuoso (ovviamente non di Camogli…)


  3. David Fletcher Says:

    I laughed so hard my sides are still hurting. Excellent animation. I love it. Give my regards to the Pixarians that worked on La Luna.

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