A lunatic week in Annecy

Wow, what a week we had in France. I am back in my office at work, but the experience of premiering La Luna in Annecy is still very fresh. I can safely say our short received a very warm welcome at the festival. The Pixar contingent had a such a great time there. The “Making of” talk went also swell, relieved about that, since it took me many hours to get it ready! Check out some of the photos to get an idea of what the whole week was like. Also you’ve probably noticed by now, but AWN posted an interview with your truly and they also put out there 30 seconds of footage of La Luna. I think it’s as spoiler free as possible. Hope you enjoy it. Later!

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  1. Gillian Reid Says:

    I missed every single screening of La Luna!!! I’ll just have to wait for cars 2! thanks for taking the photo with me for my blog!

  2. Enrico Says:

    It’s not screening with cars2 unfortunately …

  3. Maeva GRUAZ Says:

    Wow, Enrico Casarosa you’re just a wonderful artist. I really loved La Luna, it was magical, marvelous, amazing, beautiful, awesome… I hope one day I can do something as magnificent as La Luna. Thank you so much for giving us wonderful feelings.
    I had the chance to had 2 autographs from you ^^ (yes I’m really fan haha)

    I worked at the festival, and I hope to see you and you publicist next year!

    I wish you all the best.


  4. jamie Says:

    So happy to hear of the success of your movie, Enrico! but bummed to find out that it wont be with CARS 2. I was hoping to see it! Anyway, congratulations again!

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