I have a favor to ask …

… to those of you who have already seen or will see La Luna in the next few months. As you might know La Luna’s wide release won’t happen till next year, which means most people around the world unfortunately will not get to see it for quite some time.
I have one wish I hope you can all help me with: I really would love to give the least amount of spoilers to future La Luna viewers. This short is a lot about discovery … if someone posts its full synopsis on the internet, it will be a bit of a bummer. Of course I have no control over it. But I ask for the help of those of you who have seen La Luna, please help us keep its plot under wraps. I wouldn’t want a friend to know too much about La Luna going in … it’s a ride worth taking with the least known as possible. Of course I recommend avoiding spoilers to all of you out there. Feel free to share your thoughts on this in the comments session. Thank you for your help!

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  1. Tim McCourt Says:

    I completely understand, I felt the same when i was making my film. I didn’t want to tell people about it, and partly because I felt the actual film tells the story better than I could ever put in words.

    I don’t think I’m gonna get to see the film until it’s released, So as much as I wanna see still and stuff from it, I won’t read anything about it. (should there be anything up online.)

    Love the poster below by the way :)

  2. Anacardo Says:

    First of all I really can’t wait to see your short. Too bad I’ll have to wait for who knows how long… But I really cannot wait.
    On a side note: check your website, if you type http://www.enricocasarosa.com/ or click on the same link from google, you get an error message from your server. http://enricocasarosa.com/ works fine though.

    Congrats again! can’t wait.

  3. Federica Says:

    bellissimo il poster, e commovente il desiderio di voler regalare agli spettatori l’emozione della sorpresa e dell’incanto (abbasso gli spoiler).
    Ma quando uscirĂ  in Italia???

  4. Olivier Says:

    Congrats from Marseille ;)
    Your friend,

  5. Olivier L. Says:

    thanks for showing it at Annecy Enrico, it is a gorgeous shortfilm with some great little touches and I hope my friend that couldn’t come to the Festival will see it soon.

  6. Andrea Innocent Says:


    Congratulations!! I bet it’s wonderful! I still remember your talk from ICON 5.

    Do you know when/if I La Luna will come to Australia? I totally agree re: spoiler… there are so few surprises left these days;-)

    Well done!


  7. Joy Manoleros Says:

    My lips are sealed! Except to tell everyone they MUST NOT MISS THIS FILM! I am in love. <3 Beautifully written and executed. Your heart and passion for this story shine through clearly. This little film has touched me deeply. It is a timeless classic. Congratulations!!!

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