the La Luna wrap party

This past tuesday we celebrated the end of La Luna’s production. We started the evening with a screening of the short for the whole crew. It was pretty darn exciting, the first real audience to see La Luna! What a surreal experience, I felt like I was floating around in mid air most of the evening. The biggest feeling swelling my chest was pride: I was and am so proud of all the people whose work is in each frame of the movie. Every shot and every detail is now in my mind indelibly connected to the artist who made it! Be it a piece of animation, a difficult special effect or a beautifully lit shot. This movie IS our crew, it represents us all, the “lunatics”! The love and care taken in crafting LaLuna is in every shot. I got pretty emotional sharing the film with this new found family.
The party followed the screening and wow, what a great celebration! I was over the moon! Even Michael Giacchino and Brad Bird were there to celebrate. What a night and what a perfect party at Paisan on San Pablo in Berkeley. (I’d highly recommend them, good food and great service)
Look at this amazing La Luna tiramisu the made!!

la luna tiramisu

After a year of work with your crew you develop a sincere affection for all of them … I ended often showing my gratitude during production in my own goofy ways … here follows one of them … in animated form.


The music is by Living color.

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  1. tim mccourt Says:

    Congrats! Can’t wait to see it!

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    [...] film in action. It was only last month that La Luna was announced to the world, with it officially wrapping production just recently. The first image from La Luna created a great deal of buzz, as it was a stunning view into what we [...]

  3. joe lee Says:

    Congrats Enrico and crew!

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