La Luna

The cat has officially left the bag! Finally it’s out there … been working on this for a long time … so guess I’ll see some of you at Annecy!!! :)

7 Responses to “La Luna”

  1. RobertDress Says:

    Congrats Enrico!!! This is awesome news!!!!

  2. Alexander Says:

    Director, eh? Congratulations, can’t wait to see it!

  3. Olivier L. Says:

    See you in Annecy Enrico. I can’t wait to see your shortfilm!

  4. SFPaul Says:

    Very damn cool!

  5. Pierre Ledain Says:

    wow I want to see it ,I’ll be at Annecy in June.
    I’ve bought your book about Venise ,he’s really good ,yours illustrations painted with watercolors are really nice.
    I wondered if you were inspired by my neighbors the Yamadas for your book?

  6. Jasper parker trenfield Says:

    Awesome! Can’t wait to see it! Really looking forward to your talks at Annecy too!

  7. Norma Says:

    Pero que hermosa es esta ilustraciĆ³n. Me ha gustado mucho

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