Venice Chronicles on your ipad

I have to tell you about Whamix! It’s a brand new ipad comicbook reader that Apurvah Sha (One of the uberminds here at Pixar) has developed in the last few months. When I saw a test on a few pages of The Venice Chronicles I was immediately sold. It really simulates the eye movement on a page and it features the artwork in a beautiful way. Through this reader we can control each area of interest through a page, so the panels get zoomed in and featured in a way that even a book can’t give you. I really think it’s a unique reading experience and the Venice Chronicles on it look like a whole new experience. I have a little video of skimming through a couple of pages, will upload it asap!
So give this a try if you have an ipad and please let me know what you think! All feedback welcome. The library of titles on Whamix! is expanding everyday (In fact I hope to add SketchCrawling Vol1 and Vol2 as soon as possible) but I’m already in great company with some of my friends and pixar co-workers: Ted Mathot, Bobby Rubio, Scott Morse and Everett Downing to name a few.

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