Art Blocks for Ghana

It’s always inspiring to be part of a meaningful art benefit, whenever I can I want to be part of such positive community building events. Not sure if you’ve heard of this wonderful initiative, Art Blocks for Ghana, but you’ll find a lot of information here, and even participating artists’ process here! Everyone is working with the same woodblock which I found pretty great. Bit of an adventure for most of us, I ended up, after a light pencil drawing, trying to watercolor it and the pigment was really seeping into the horizontal wood texture. It was hard to get much definition but I really started loving the wood grain, so I was really hoping I could let it show through the colors. After a few passes of watercolor I started using gouache to get a little more opacity. But as you can see I still left it pretty watery … during most of the process I was thinking might have to cover this mess and glue some watercolor paper on top of it. But more and more I started to really like its feel. So I ended up putting a couple of coats of gloss varnish to add a nice textured shine to it. And that’s it I think I might call this done!

artblockforghana 02


3 Responses to “Art Blocks for Ghana”

  1. Charles Santoso Says:

    Beautiful one, Enrico :) I wish I can see it in person..

    All the best! :)

  2. Patrick Awa Says:

    This piece reminds me one of dreams I still remember from childhood(it was a glowing orange empty tricycle passing Japanese intersection in twilight just like this in my dream).
    This is truly astonishing piece!

  3. Samith Says:

    I agree with Patrick the peice gave me the same feeling, it’s a magical peice and I hope it went well. Great blog