Porco Rosso: the last sortie

Ok, this has been the buzz of the internet in the last couple of days, but wow … can someone pinch me? Or spin a top on the table, see if it stops? How amazing would that be … I sure hope MiyaSan really does another Porco Rosso movie and I really hope he doesn’t leave Fio out of it. ;)

porco rosso

3 Responses to “Porco Rosso: the last sortie”

  1. Joseph Says:

    Hey Enrico, I have a daughter (Lina) around the same age as Fio, she’s loved every Miyazaki film she’s seen (Ponyo, Kiki, Spirited Away); Porco Rosso and Howel’s moving castle seem maybe a bit too mature? are there any more movies you could recommend for that age? Japanese or otherwise like a top ten?

  2. Olivier L. Says:

    oh yes! I didn’t know about it. Porco Rosso is definitely one of my favourite Miyasaki movies

  3. giorgio Says:

    Hey Enrico,

    …i will run all day long with a big smile on my face….porco rosso 2…again that sweet pig-face on the screen, awesome flying machinery and romantic places mixed with nostalgic music…and without Fio, who’s going to look after Kurenai no buta then?…by the way, I did find a copy of Mia1 via ebay, lucky me…hope you will pick it up one day, sure love to see Mia3…