Crazy Cloud

I saw a compelling theater/butoh performance last night “The crazy cloud collection” by InkBoat. Here’s my squiggles in the dark from the night. Strangely while I draw them in the dark I feel they are probably not working or not worth my time …. but then when I look at them in the light, usually the next morning, I always find them really interesting … they are a little bit like contact drawing, in their rawness they seem to capture some essence of the movement I saw the night before in a deeper way then if I had been drawing them in the light. Fun.

5 Responses to “Crazy Cloud”

  1. Nick Porcino Says:

    I really like these! Especially the sumi-e ones I find very expressive.

  2. nsmukundan Says:

    wow superb cloud collection. i lke all the four

  3. Micha Says:

    Very vivid sketches, thanks for posting!

  4. Robert Says:

    These are fantastic Enrico! I really enjoy the visceral quality they have.

  5. Fabrice Says:

    Nice sketches, we can see the movement.