I did some book shopping that made me quite happy this weekend. The first is a kids book I got at Konokuniya by the prolific Taro Gomi, Kingyouga nigeta. The Goldfish escaped. Been really loving gomi’s work, it’s so much fun to share it with Fio. I was also really impressed to read that this is a reprint, the book actually came out in the late seventies. Amazing how it doesn’t look dated at all. The second great find are some great pamphlets and booklets about old planes at a used books store. Mostly machines from world war one or between the wars. I absolutely love to read information and see old photos of this type. Makes me want to draw and watercolor some planes!! Tons of great reference.

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  1. Gus Says:

    Nice airplane book find Enrico, I have been looking for some of those too…
    I came across some airplane / tank diagram sheets (top,side,front view) at a the local flea market a couple of weeks ago. I have been wanting to do a few 3d models of them.

    Btw, there is a cool air museum up in Santa Rosa with quite a few planes – On June 19-20 visitors can climb aboard an AV-8C Harrier. Also on August 21-22 there is an air show, a C-17 Globemaster will be there (that plane startled me a few years ago when it flew over our city – very loud) –

    I have been meaning to do a SketchCrawl over there, perhaps the next one.

  2. menguao Says:

    Love the one above! U could make a mix of both and it would look great 4sure.

  3. pierre ledain Says:

    Hi mister Casarosa I’m a student in animation in Angouleme( france) ,it’s just a comment to say I like your work ,you’re one of my favourites artists (I’m really sorry if I make mistakes ,I’m french :) …that’s why I think ,I don’t speak very well english …).
    And about japanese books or illustrations ,I’ve bought a nice manga last week ,it is ” Takemitsu Zamurai” ,script is not amazing but it is a pleasant story to read ,and it’s drawned by taiyou matsumoto ,who has made tekkon kinkreet.

    have a good day

    Pierre Ledain

  4. Enrico Says:

    Gus- airplane/tank ? Sounds interesting! :)

    Menguao- airplane/goldfish? Sounds interesting! :)

    Pierre – Hello! Thanks for commenting … I am a big fan of Matsumoto Tayo and I absolutely love Takemitsu Samurai … it’s amazing!
    In fact you can read an old post of mine regarding him:



  5. audrey Says:

    I love Taro Gomi. I actually bought one of the books too from the seventies at a flea market a few weeks back. I want to frame and hang up some of the pages in the restroom- since the subject is appropriate from this book>
    It’s this one みんな うんち

    enjoyed sketchcrawl! matta na!

  6. Céline Says:

    Love Taro Gomi too! I like to visit your blog after sketchcralws to see your watercolors! I also was honored to see your original art in Sketchtravel : so funny!