World Wide SketchCrawl 27

The forums are bustling with activity with artists posting drawings from almost one hundred locations around the world, really amazing, be sure to check it out. Here in San Francisco we spent sketchcrawl around downtown with a nice and large group of artists. Here are my contributions from the day, all people drawing for some reason. Ronnie and I sat at Coppola’s Zoetrope cafe and we had a great view on this character (bottom page).

I was pretty unhappy with this drawing of my co-worker Duncan at the ferry building, felt really rusty, so I mixed it up a bit with a Mercedes Benz … go figure … but the result is more passable.

sketchcrawl 27

I was having a hard time composing the page yesterday, I’m rusty since I don’t draw as much as I used to at work lately … but I liked single drawings here in there … for example these three sitting on muni on the way back home for example … and the guy taking a photo had a great flow to his pose.

That was it for the crawl … though last night I watercolored some older pages from a past chinatown crawl I hadn’t got a chance to get to yet. I focused on a little drawing I like: the crawler sketching away, the old guy with arms crossed above him was fun too.

Ok, that’s a wrap, next crawl is on July 31st, mark your calendars!

6 Responses to “World Wide SketchCrawl 27”

  1. Nori Says:

    Marked! Thanks Enrico. Seemed everyone had a great day

  2. ben Hatke Says:

    Oh man, you are the best at this. I like the guy/gal with the green cap/headscarf.

  3. baptiste Says:

    This is great!

    I like so much your life sketches!

  4. patrick delage Says:

    always a pleasure to come here…

  5. Terry Krysak Says:

    Great shots, I am looking forward to this year’s sketchcrawl and participating in Vancouver BC

    It will be fun to sketch and meet some new people.

  6. Emmanuelle Walker Says:

    Not bad for a rusty guy :) No, these are really great i can’t imagine how it is when you’re not rusty! The man taking a picture has a very credible pose, with his shopping bag! And I just found out there are sketchcrawls in Paris as well… Glad I stumbled down here!