The awesomeness of Cube Dude

Have you seen Angus Maclane’s Cube Dudes? I’m blown away more and more with each new character he tackles, he’s like an impressionist painter, only no paint just little lego pieces. By day Angus is a star animator here at Pixar (he also directed the excellent Burn-E, the short on Wall-E’s dvd), but by night he’s the CubeDude. If you haven’t heard of this you’re in for a treat, here’s his Flickr set. Some of my favorites: Gundam, Mazinger, Predator and George Lucas. His extensive set of characters is also a fun puzzle, how many can you recognize?

One Response to “The awesomeness of Cube Dude”

  1. Blake Himsl Hunter Says:

    He inspired my brother to create lego portraits of his family. Amazing work!