26th WWSketchCrawl report

My thoughts and prayers go to all the friends and people of Chile. Starting a SketchCrawl day, a day where I always joyfully think of people around the world, with the terrifying news of the Earthwake was really hard. I tried to get over the feeling of helplessness and headed out to draw. In San Francisco we met around the dogpatch area and what a great place to sketch it is! After having crawled in many different neighborhoods of this city it was really fun to find a new one to draw in … we also once again dodged bad weather, there was drizzle maybe for 5 minutes but the rest of the day had a stunning mix of cloudy and sunny skies. Thanks for all of you who joined in SF and all of you from the rest of the world. Be sure to check all the amazing entries from more than a hundred different cities around the globe.Here’s some of my watercolors from the day.

WWSketchcrawl 26

WWSketchcrawl 26 - 03

WWSketchcrawl 26 - 02

WWSketchcrawl 26 - 04

4 Responses to “26th WWSketchCrawl report”

  1. JP Says:

    Mmm, classic BMer and a good coffee. Two very good things!

  2. Jenny Lam Says:

    Thanks for masterminding it all, Enrico! The WWSketchCrawl is a brilliant idea.

  3. Fabrice Says:

    Very nice sketches. Keep the good work man.

  4. Rodney Says:

    I’m a rank beginer sketcher. I was going to attend the Honolulu Sketchcrawl that day. It was going to be at the Honolulu Zoo which is right across the street from Waikiki Beach. The tsunami warning made for an unfortunate change in plans that day.