What if

What if I did a random little pencil and watercolor drawing everyday and put it on my office wall as in the photo? It might be really interesting to see the wall after a couple of months … That is if I can keep it up of course … Might be hard on some days but still would be fun to try. Lately with more responsabilities at work I find myself drawing less and less and that can be frustrating for me. I hate feeling rusty (thank god the next sketchcrawl is almost here). Earlier this week though I watched the documentary “Beautiful loosers” (which i’d recommend) and I found it pretty inspiring. I think I might try and slowly cover this wall … See what it looks like after a while…

3 Responses to “What if”

  1. Oliver Says:

    I often feel the same way, I think I’ll copy your idea.

  2. tammy Says:

    it sounds very inspiring :)
    keep it up. and it can possibly turn into a potential book that you can share….?

  3. baptiste Says:

    Pretty good idea!

    Keep it up =)

    (about your post on the Japanese band, I encourage you to play ukulélé. I do so and it’s a fantastic instrument very easy to learn)

    Best regards