WWSketchCrawl 24

Here’s the day in pictures.

the N-Juda on my way downtown

Portsmouth square characters

Grant Street (after a nice latte at Caffe’ Trieste)

A side street in North Beach

A building on Waverly

Scribble of a Chinatown street, looking up the hill …

And 3 photos from the day.
Meeting in Portsmouth Square

A chinatown alley

Grant street in North beach

16 Responses to “WWSketchCrawl 24”

  1. Bobby Says:

    LOVE the sketches Enrico!

  2. Lucas Ferreyra Says:

    LOVE IT! I SPECIALY LIKE THE “building on Waverly”!

  3. cK Says:

    Hey E,

    There is a lot of “Story” in these drawings. I really like them a lot. The photos are also kool. The fire escape reminds me of a Kim Cogan painting.


  4. Gabriele Pasqualino Says:

    molto belli come sempre ;]
    l’altra sera ho letto il tuo fumetto.. diamine quanto hai scritto :D

  5. christy Says:

    Beautiful sketches, looks like a great day!

  6. Mila Stewart Says:

    Wow the sketches look awesome, the lady in the first sketch looks scary.


  7. Anthony Says:

    Building on Waverly wins. It’s grand.

  8. Brian Says:

    everyday should be sketchcrawl day.

  9. Patrick Awa Says:

    These are all fantastic sketches, Enrico! I am amazed as always. Can’t believe they are all done in the same day???

    Your photos are beautiful too.

  10. David Michael McClain Says:

    Even though I live between two major city centers (dallas and ft worth) life out here in the middle-americas just doesn’t have that urban flavor that you always capture. Well done.

  11. ninja Says:

    Very nice=)
    leonard hudson

  12. joscha Says:

    Hey enrico, I just wanted to tell you I saw Up yesterday. (finally! It was released her only two weeks ago) and I loved it! What a great ride! I saw it in 3-D too. Thanks so much to all of you @ Pixar for yet another masterpiece.

    BTW I wanted to post this as a relpy on your last post but I got an error?

  13. Venice Travel and Tourist Guide, Italy Says:

    Nice sketches and also nicely photographed.

  14. Alina Says:

    These are super awesome!!

  15. seth Says:

    no updates for a while now? Hope you are ok.

  16. David A Lee Says:

    Really nice ! cool and interesting sketches.