More Ivo

Spent a nice weekend down south at my inlaws and couldn’t help doing
some more drawings of their chubby cat Ivo. Best model ever. :)

More Ivo

7 Responses to “More Ivo”

  1. vérossignol Says:

    Very chubby indeed! Anyway he really seems to be one of those cats who love being sketched, pretending they’re asleep but offering the best poses!!
    They’re best models, you’re right! Thanks for sharing your great sketches***

  2. Alessandra Sorrentino Says:

    Daah! Sono bellissimi :) Vero ha ragione, questo tipo di gatti sono i migliori modelli, puoi stare ore a disegnarli. Il mio invece e’ un cucciolo indemoniato.. -_-
    Questi disegni mi ricordano tanto delle illustrazioni di una storia che leggevo sempre da bambina, si chiamava “Il mostro del tempio” e faceva parte della collana “Il raccontastorie”, meravigliosa. Ne hai mai sentito parlare? Per Fio sarebbe pefretta! Baci,

  3. baptiste amsallem Says:

    So nice… =)

  4. Brian Says:

    lovely drawings, nice and loose!

  5. Nathalie (Spacedlaw) Says:

    Nothing like a lazy kitty…

  6. Bob Hoen Says:

    Dear Enrico

    I am feeling very sad. I have been at two sketch crawls will a friend. I enjoyed very much the conviviality of it all the involvement of the community, the sharing of images and perceptions. I have enthusiastically recommended them to friends in San Francisco, LA, Minnesota and London.

    But I am sad because you make it so hard to find out where and when the next one will be that I have given up. I shall not be coming again to the sketchcrawls. And I will not be recommending them. That is what is making me sad.

    You could change all that with a simple change of the message on your website.


  7. Enrico Says:

    Verossignol- great to see you around here! You’re very kind … love your work!

    Alessandra- dovro’ ricercare!! Grazie per la dritta … ciao!

    Baptiste, Nathalie, Natalie- Thank you!

    Bob- I am assuming you are talking about the San Francisco crawl am I correct?
    I am sure I could do a better job at spreading the word on all things SketchCrawl … and while I often post updates here on my blog regarding it I didn’t find the time to do that this past week …
    but the sketchcrawl forums are the place to get that kind of information … Did you check there? Is it too hard to find there?