Watching Ponyo with Fio

Ponyo is opening this weekend in the US … hope people out there will enjoy the movie. Fio loves watching the DVD, she loves the driving scenes especially. "brooom brooom" she goes every time the car shows up. Very cute.

By the way, here’s an interesting post regarding Ponyo on Anipages Daily. A good read. I like his in depth take on the film.

3 Responses to “Watching Ponyo with Fio”

  1. j2 Says:

    Did you show Fio the car scene in Castle Of Cagliostro?
    Best Miyazaki car scene ever.

  2. davidbernal Says:

    beautiful photo!

  3. Man Arenas Says:

    watching Ponyo, I was thinking: Jezzz! An animated masterpiece once again