All we got left

About to head to the airport and we have only two copies of the Venice
Chronicles left. Not bad.

6 Responses to “All we got left”

  1. Nat Says:

    Cool. Now how about selling me a couple of those TShirts :)

  2. Azz Says:

    And I bought one of them!!! Felt so lucky to get there just before you left. You looked very tired. Thank for taking the time to sign,

  3. Matthew Says:

    So funny- I stopped by and both times forgot to get the book! And it was a delight to read while I was there. I’ll order one soon…

  4. Nicoletta Says:

    Not being able to be at ComiCon, I bought one online!
    Congratulation on your nomination for the Eisner. ;)
    Come back in Italy soon and if you’re in Milan let me know!! It could be a special SketchCrawl day!!!!
    Ciao Enrico !!!

  5. Debra Says:

    Thank you for signing my book, Enrico. I enjoyed reading your book and loved how you’d go off on tangents. So real! Anyhow, congrats on your Comic Con sales success!

  6. Floyd Norman Says:

    Hey, Enrico!
    I bought your book at ComicCon in San Diego. Great book! I loved every page.