Heading to San Diego

I will be attending San Diego Comic-Con this year. I am at Booth #4800 with friends Ronnie del Carmen, Scott Morse and Jeff Pidgeon. This is an exciting year given that the Venice Chronicles is nominated for an Eisner Award! I’m also making a new t-shirt just for the Con … photos as soon as I get it from the printer. Hope to see you down there.


7 Responses to “Heading to San Diego”

  1. Wam Says:

    Loved the book,curious to see your tshirt design. Have fun at the con!

  2. Bill Robinson Says:

    I will be there too – will have to stop by and say hi! :D

  3. Davielle Antelline Huffman Says:

    Enrico, my daughter Kristina pointed me to your blog, etc. re: Comic Con this weekend. I did not have enough time in Italy to talk about this weekend with you, but if you read this comment, you will know we are hoping to see you if you have any time to spare. I also realized that when I promised to bring you my card, with my blog address on it and my e-mail address, at Guido’s hotel — I got totally sidetracked and never found you again. So now you know how to reach me. Ciao, cousin. — Davielle

  4. Gianfranco Goria - afnews.info Says:

    Ciao Enrico! Ti ha cercato la RAI per un’intervista radiofonica. Li ho indirizzati qui al tuo blog. Buon lavoro!
    Gianfranco Goria

  5. Enrico Says:

    Wam- great! Good to hear!

    Bill- please do!

    Davielle- great to see you around here cousin! It might be a little hard for me to visit you guys as the schedule of the con will be keeping me real busy and I’ll be flying back to my family as soon as the con is over … but next time I am around your parts, I will make sure to visit!! thanks!

    Gianfranco- Ah si? Bello … grazie!


  6. Ev Says:

    Dude! I didn’t know about the Eisner nom! Congrats man! I’ll be swinging by the booth on Friday.

  7. Barbara Canepa Says:

    bello vedere i kakemono vostri !
    Peccato che quest’anno non sono riuscita a venire !
    Valeva quest’anno S.Diego, o no?

    Spero che vada tutto bene per te in questi mesi.. ^__^

    Quando torni verso il vecchio e stantio continente europeo, fai un fischio,eh?