23 World Wide SketchCrawl today!

Can you hear the pencils hitting those notepads? It’s happening all over the world, right now! I had only a couple of hours today around Genova Nervi to squeeze in a few drawings but I haven’t been able to take photos of them, given that I dunk my iphone in the mediterranean earlier this morning! =( A real bummer … but what can you do. Heading to Milan tomorrow and then back to SF in a couple of days. Have a great crawl all you drawers out there! Cheers.

3 Responses to “23 World Wide SketchCrawl today!”

  1. Hans Ranum Says:

    Arrrgh bummer with your iphone!!! Don’t attempt to start it up, put it in a bag of rice for a few days and you might be able to save it;) The rice will suck the humidity out of the phone, but if you start it up while it’s wet on the inside it’ll probably die for good.

    Besides that, great blog!!


  2. Gus Says:

    Sorry to hear about your phone, do you still have it or is it down there somewhere? If you still have it you may be able to rescue the phone, i’ll send you some links via email.

  3. Jej Says:

    Hey Enrico,
    it’s always a pleasure to come around here!!! Up isn’t in Theaters yet in France… gotta wait untill the 29th of july!!Aaarf… I can’t wait to discover it!!!
    So what’s on right now for you? A bit of holidays or working on a brand new film at Pixar?
    I will probably come to San Francisco next year as I will spent one year in Montreal. It would be a pleasure for me to see you again!!!
    Hope everything’s ok for you
    Take care
    Jerome (animator from Angouleme)