It’s time for UP

UP is about to hit theaters in the US. We’re pretty excited around here. The first weekend of a film release is quite an interesting experience for its crew, as of course you hope and wish for the movie you are so proud of to get a significant reception in Theaters. If the public’s response will be anything like the critic’s we’d be in decent shape. ;)
And here’s a silly drawing for you … I did this a few years back as an idea for a story team t-shirt. We went for another design, but this is still pretty funny.


17 Responses to “It’s time for UP”

  1. Teresa Says:

    yay! I’m so excited to see UP on Friday night! I can’t wait! :)

  2. Kristine B Says:

    I’m excited to see it too!! Hope I can convince my boyfriend to get out of the house to go see it at a nice theatre.

  3. Thorsten Says:

    … worth a T!

    Years? When about did you start on it?

  4. Enrico Says:

    Teresa, Kristine – cool, look forward to hear about your experience watching it.

    Thorsten- I started on it more than three years ago now … worked on it a little short of those three.


  5. Floyd Norman Says:

    I’ll still buy this T-Shirt any day.

  6. Justin H. Says:

    Ha! I still love this drawing.
    I think another T-shirt is in order.

  7. Thorsten Says:

    – thank you, Enrico:

    I found this nice “mulitmedia” feature on the New York Times. You might to go there, to compare on your first drawings with on of Pete Docters and Rick Nierva and them commenting via phone:

    … and see a screenshot of it here:

  8. kei acedera Says:

    Enrico, Congratulations on such a wonderful film!!!
    I love the drawing :)

  9. stephen Says:

    That dog looks like he was really fun to board.

  10. William Says:

    I’ve been reading your blog for a while now silently… (LURKER D:) I saw the film today, it was absolutely fantastic! Everyone in the theater I went to liked it, the kid in front of me after the film got up and said: “THAT WAS THE BEST MOVIE… EVER!!!!” So, grats to all of you guys and gals at Pixar. If there ever is a shirt of this made, please post it :P

  11. cK Says:


    UP is a Masterpiece!!!!! Honestly, it ranks in my top 5 movie list (not just animation). It has it all: the emotional content, masterful artistry, concise plot, and humor. But, it is the first, emotional content which is the magic of the film. Congratulations to the Story crew as well as the Animation and Art Department. I would like to write more but I do not want to give anything away.


  12. Matt j Says:

    Congrats to you & the whole crew of UP. We have to wait until August to see it in Europe but the ‘art of’ book will keep me going until then. Stellar work.

  13. Teresa Says:

    lol, you guys have nothing to worry about. You’ll definitely be in decent shape. I don’t know how the audience response could possibly differ from the critics. :D
    UP was amazing! Truly truly amazing!
    I loved it!
    There was so much heart in that film. My favorite part was definitely when it was silent and subtle.. because I couldn’t believe how much I cared for the characters… and I cared for them right from the beginning… that is some amazing story telling! Incredibly rich!
    I’m going to have to see it multiple times in the theater for sure.

    Lately, I’ve been volunteering to teach fine art lessons to my mom’s 1st grade class once a week… Their favorite part is when I teach them how to draw a movie character at the end.
    Anyways, on Friday we spent all day on an “UP” art project and they turned out so adorable. The kids were so excited! I had them draw a house, Russell, and Carl on 3 separate sheets of paper… and then we hung them all from a balloon. :) We were running short on time, so I didn’t get the best pictures… but I put them up on my flickr if you want to see. :D
    I’m proud of the kiddos anyways!
    (oh, and the link also has pictures of the other Pixar characters they have done. Including Wall-e, Woody, Mike/Sully)
    Thought you might get a kick out of them, lol.. I sure do :D

    Congrats again to everyone involved on the film!

  14. colin Says:

    great drawing , and great movie sir

  15. Brian Says:

    Awesome movie, very touching and funny at the same time!


  16. Elisa Chavarri Says:

    I loved UP, absolutely LOVED it : )
    It has so much heart, and humor, and it comes from all you wonderful people.

    This sketch is hilarious too!

  17. patrick Says:

    A good friend of mine – and a well known comic artist here in germany – just saw the trailer to “UP” and was instantly reminded of a comic page he had drawn in 1995. It is funny to see how the same “inspiration particles” are buzzing all around the world till they “hit” some open (creative) mind. If you like to see what I`m talking about – have a look at his blog:

    (the title might be translated as : “above them”)
    I am looking forward to see the movie! All the best!
    AND the sketch is really funny!