Be Italian!!

The trailer for “Nine” the musical (not to be mistaken for the animated movie, which also looks cool) looks pretty darn interesting. A Felliniesque musical? I’m fully intrigued. The cast is impressive and so is the beautiful photography.

4 Responses to “Be Italian!!”

  1. Emil Says:

    Thank’s for posting this!! Does this have anything to do with Fellini’s 81/2?

  2. Kristine B Says:

    Wow that looks great, hadn’t heard a peep about it until you posted it.

  3. davidbernal Says:

    Looks awesome, I Love Chicago!
    Hey, just say this giant robot being done in tokyo, looks soo awesome!:

  4. olivier L. Says:

    I don’t know a lot about Fellini but I definitely thought about Otto e mezzo when watching the trailer. Will give it a try