Up photos

/film has posted a nice gallery of photos from the Up production, ranging from stills from the movie to the research trip to Venezuela. Also more reviews are starting to appear everywhere on the web, here‘s the one from Variety. The film is set to have its world premiere in Cannes tomorrow!

9 Responses to “Up photos”

  1. Gerald Says:

    Wow! The progression photos are amazing. I really can’t wait to watch!!!

  2. artemisio Says:

    non credo ci siano parole per esprimere quanto bene si presenta *_____________* aaah quegli ambienti sono BELLISSIMIIIII!

  3. davidbernal Says:

    os it looks soooooo awesome!!!!!!!!! CANT wait!!

  4. wovre Says:

    I cant wait!! it’s awesome!

  5. Enrico Says:

    Ooops … I just deleted one comment by mistake from my iphone … darn … the “approve comment” button is way too close to “delete comment” one … :(
    sorry about that … whoever had left the comment, would you mind doing that again? my apologies …


  6. Thorsten Says:

    I retried to post it — hm, did you delete the post again?

  7. Thorsten Says:

    “Up made it to the front newspages earlier, but now hit the real frontpage of Germany’s most selling daily quality newspaper. Certainly pushed by the big studios to be shown – as other big shots – on festivals in Europe, it nonetheless is a big surprise to have it upfront and a review inside ;-)

    See details and pictures here:

  8. Enrico Says:

    Hey Thorsten … no this time I approved it like I should’ve in the first place … :)

    thanks for sharing …
    yah UP has been hitting big news after the amazing reception in Cannes.



  9. Thorsten Says:

    – yepp, it’s all over the place. Even THE Franco-German Public-TV-Cultur-Station arte.tv went crazy about it and designed their whole page like this: