On Amazon again

Finally Amazon has the Venice Chronicles in stock again … for the cost conscious, and who is not lately, it’s still the best deal you can find. And don’t miss this other wonderful book, Fio’s favorite!

3 Responses to “On Amazon again”

  1. Lisandro Di Pasquale Says:

    Hey Enrico! Just posting an entry randomly ^_^ I keep an eye on your blog, always looking for a hint of a new book. How about a book about working in animation? I’m sure you have millions of anecdotes to tell about your job, funny or not, so why not go there and make it your next book? You know, you already have a buyer here. Besides, I still want one of your awesome sketches. So please, once more, from the top…

  2. Jens Says:

    This definatly is on my to-buy list!

  3. Roho Says:

    I apologize for getting out of the subject (this book is on my buy pile btw). I run a blog about comics from Uruguay and I wanted to get in contact with Lisandro DiPascale to put his info up in there and find out if he has any new work. If get this Leandro leave a comment on the blog or contact me at my personal website at riverbirdstudios.blogspot.com in the contact section. Thanks.