Eisner nomination

Hey there’s some nice Venice Chronicles news. I was nominated for a Will Eisner Comic Book Award under the category “Best Painter/Multimedia Artist”. You can read all the nominations details right here. Great to see some friends like Scott Morse and Kazu Kibuishi nominated. Also great to see one of my favorite books from last year, Jillian and Mariko Tamaki‘s Skim doing so well with many a nomination. In other news, for some strange reason, Venice Chronicles keeps on being “Temporarily out of stock” on Amazon. Seems like some of the distribution channels are a little clogged up, pretty frustrating given it’s status has been like this for months. Well, in the meanwhile I have plenty left and you can purchase the award nominated book ;) straight from me (with doodle and signature). Oh and one last thing, thank you all so much for the wonderful reviews on amazon, they are really encouraging! Thanks.

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36 Responses to “Eisner nomination”

  1. Bill Robinson Says:

    Congratulations on being nominated, Enrico! What an honor. Hope you win!

  2. Ted M Says:

    Awesome news Enrico! Congratulations!

  3. Neil Babra Says:

    Congratulations Enrico! Very well deserved.

  4. davidbernal Says:

    HUGE Kongratz!!!

  5. mnmears Says:

    Congratulations my friend. I hope the nomination leads to a win.

  6. ketty Says:

    Evviva!! Chissà che bella emozione venire nominato! In bocca al lupo!

  7. Liana Says:

    That’s fantastic! Congratulations!

  8. Andrés Arcos Says:

    OOOOOeeeeehhh! Enrico for president! Congrats!!

  9. blauereiter Says:

    Wowow !~ Congratulations ! I’m so glad I have a copy ! :]

  10. K. Borcz Says:

    Congratulations that’s fantastic!!

  11. Robert Finale Says:

    Congrats on the nomination. It’s not surprising teally, you do awesome work.

  12. Barbara Canepa Says:

    Ehi! Che sorpresa! Che bello! Anzi, no..E’ tutto meritato !!!
    Sperem che lo vinci, quindi! Allée!! Allée! Lo sapevo..
    E’ troppo bello questo libro! ^__^

  13. Thorsten Says:

    Congratulations, Enrico!

    And, yes you and “SKIM” truly deserve the nomination!

  14. Venece Says:

    Woot!! Congrats!

  15. Ronnie del Carmen Says:

    Congratulations, buddy! This is so awesome. Great work and this is just the start.


  16. Régis Says:

    Congratulations Enrico! And very well deserved, after all the book is a success on its own, so I hope you win it.

  17. Giuseppe Ferrario Says:


  18. Nick Says:

    Congratulations! It’s a beautiful book, recognition well deserved :)

  19. Ashley Says:

    I ordered your book recently directly from you and I was delighted to see that you had included Fragments, though all I could afford was The Venice Chronicles and Sketchcrawling. I just wanted to say thank you, and that I”m excited to take part in my first Sketchcrawl. :)

  20. J. Griffaud Says:

    I love your work… “We want more”! :)

  21. flaviano Says:

    that’s a great news!!! congrats!
    there’s a chance to see you at Napoli Comicon at the end of this month or next months somewere in Italy?

  22. Andry Says:

    Congratulations man! You deserve it!

  23. cK Says:

    You deserve this recognition. It is long overdue!!!!!!.


  24. baptiste Says:

    Congrats Mr Casarosa!

  25. kalonji Says:

    felicitations !!! bravo enrico .great news !!

  26. marcello Says:

    bravo Enrico,anzi bravissimo!!!

  27. Enrico Says:

    wow … I am sincerely moved by all the comments … amazing really … better than the nomination even. :)
    Really …
    Been out with a bit of a flu for a few days so it was nice to check on this thread every once in a while … cheered me up.
    thank you ALL!!!


  28. kei acedera Says:

    Ohh that’s so wonderful Enrico!! Congratulations!! so well deserved :)

  29. Rosaria Says:

    Eu sou brasileira, avhei TUDO simplesmente , o MÀXIMO!

  30. Lynn Jackson Says:


    Love your work. We are writing a new book on Pixar’s innovation, and wonder if you would be willing to share your thoughts on a few topics.
    Please let us know…thanks! Lynn Jackson and Bill Capodagli, coauthors, The Disney Way, dreamovations@aol.com

  31. Lisandro Says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A very well deserved one I might add. All the best, and if you don’t win…their loss!!! Keep up the AMAZING work. Forza enrico!!!!

  32. Andre Says:

    Very exciting and well deserved! Congrats Enrico!!!!

  33. olivier L. Says:

    congrat Enrico and I just ordered a second copy directly from you so I can get a doodle and signature, the Amazon copy will be a good birthday present for a friend ;-)

  34. olivier L. Says:

    oops I looked for any email address in your “shop page” but couldn’t find any so I guess I will have to use this comment section :-| I just realised Paypal will be sending the book to the wrong address, how can we change this?

  35. Nathalie (Spacedlaw) Says:

    Congratulations and it it well deserved as it it such a charming book.

  36. tiffanny Says:

    I just saw a Maurice Prendergast watercolor exhibit and I immediately thought of you and this book! I really like your style. :D