“Up” opening Cannes films festival!

That’s such wonderful news … it’s a first one for an animated movie to open the Cannes Film Festival! Exciting.

4 Responses to ““Up” opening Cannes films festival!”

  1. Andrés Arcos Says:

    Making history, ah? Congratulations. For me there´s no reason to make diference between animation an real image movies, at last they´re both fiction. Master Miyazaki probed that an animated piece could be as good as any other film with “Spirited away” (he won the golden bear in Berlin 2002 as the best film, not best animated film).

    So good luck in Cannes, THE FESTIVAL, in big letters!!!!

    Greatings from Spain

  2. Thorsten Says:

    … congrats – front page news in Germany, too, Enrico!


    Did you know “Dumbo” once even won?

  3. baptiste Says:

    that’s fantastic!!!!!

  4. gerald Says:

    You have to come back in France this May E ;)