It’s really fun to draw my daughter today, she’s wearing such a nice and colorful outfit. I bought this agenda in France last month, great design … and I’m trying to fill it with drawings of Fio … when I can. And you know, for some reason today felt more like a Sunday than a Saturday, that must be why I drew on the wrong day.

watercolor fio

10 Responses to “Dimanche”

  1. Régis Says:

    She’s already walking as a 1 year old?! Dang, kids today grow up fast…


  2. patrick Says:

    Very happy drawing!

    BTW, thank you for the books, Enrico! Got them last week and have enjoyed day by day, a little by little, just like eating tasty chocolate cake. So pretty and filled to the brim with love and positive vibe… which I think is getting even more so on these Fio sketches!

    Thanks again and hope to see you sometime before long.


  3. cK Says:


    She is super cute!!!!! We (the fans of E) are expecting a children’s book based on Fio. She definately has the “cute” chops.


  4. Eduardo Medeiros Says:


  5. Alison G Says:

    Here You are! Still drawing.
    Me too – and I’m hoping to meet up with the April Sketchcrawl.

    But I can’t get in to the forum – forgot both user name AND password.
    This seemed to be the only place to contact you.

    I hope you’ll contact me back:
    Alison at optidust@gmail.com

  6. Otto Says:

    A book of Fio sketches should be made!

    Thanks for the books! The artwork, as always, are lovely and charming. :)

  7. Cheryl de los Reyes Cruz Says:

    That’s a great use of an agenda book! Very cute.

  8. Chris Boyd Says:

    Just found your blog. It’s really nice. Your watercolors are beautiful!

  9. Jeff - Rare Children's Books Says:

    From somebody who struggles with stick figures your work with watercolors is inspiring.


  10. maxime Says:

    I like your style and your drawings, this watercolor is really beautiful! :)