Here’s another couple of doddles from Ratatouille times … Skinner the eeevil chef. There used to be a short little sequence at his apartment as he was scheeming … and ironing his pants … of course.


4 Responses to “Skinner”

  1. cK Says:


    Who was the inspiration for Skinner? It looks like Edith Head was the inspiration for Edna Mode. I watched the classic, “Sabrina” with my parents. There was a chef who taught the Audrey Hephurn in “Sabrina” which had some resemblance and character.


  2. davidbernal Says:

    eeevil incarante!! ahhaha, sooo awesome!!

  3. Himanshu Says:

    love the skinner with the iron doodle. Iron chef, eh?
    We wants moreeee!

  4. Andrés Arcos Says:

    Love them. So quick, expresive and they look pretty much like the final character, so I guess you get the point.