WonderCon 2009!

I will be at Wondercon this coming weekend with friends Scott Morse and Bill Presing. Our booth is #1320. On hand I will have the Venice Chronicles, SketchCrawl t-shirts and a few of my older books. See you there.
I just realized Ronnie will be there with us too. Yay!


3 Responses to “WonderCon 2009!”

  1. mnmears Says:

    see you there …

  2. RĂ©gis Says:

    Hi Enrico!

    It was really nice seeing you in person again at Wondercon! I’m glad I was able to pick The Venice Chronicles in person – after all, the bonus sketch is really great! Also, it was great to just chat with you about 1970′s anime and live action Japanese superhero shows! Well, as I mentioned at the con, I’m also getting into comics and other illustrative work while looking for work (in this great economy), so if you’re interested in seeing more, come check out my blog at http://reggaenights.wordpress.com.

  3. Taylor Says:

    I’ve never given this a try, but I think it’s about time I do.