Old Ratatouille beatboard

I just went through an office move at work and it sure helped me clean up a little … it’s shedding time. Here’s something I came across, an old beat board I did for Ratatouille a few years back. Beat boards for those of you who might not know, are usually made to pitch a movie during its development and are images that represent a sequence of the film. This one was for a montage in the middle of the movie, showing Remy burning the rope at two ends … or three. I like doing beatboards a lot, it’s like doing imageboards ala Miyazaki.


8 Responses to “Old Ratatouille beatboard”

  1. davidbernal Says:

    LOVE it!

  2. Becky Says:

    Very Cool! I love seeing the “behind the scenes” stuff no one ever gets to see! :)

  3. Ivan Says:

    Hello Enrico,

    How does the beatboard different than storyboard and animatics? As far as functionality of “the process” goes. Thank you!

  4. Enrico Says:

    becky, david- thanks!

    Ivan- Beatboards are quite different from storyboards, they are done before one starts storyboarding a movie … they represent a whole sequence that will then be storyboarded. They usually try and convey a lot of information in one image … they are also often used by directors to pitch their movie. With 20 or 30 images you should be able to sum up a whole movie.
    But let me point out that this specific image, divided in 3 parts, is rather unusual, it was trying to convey the feeling of a montage …

    let me know if that’s clear …



  5. blauereiter Says:

    Haha, gotta agree with Becky, “behind the scenes” stuff are always so insightful, I think I’ll go watch the dvd again soon !

  6. Andry Says:

    You’ve just learnt me something new, i didn’t know about that beatboard thing! Classy!

    It would be really fun to have an exhibition with every beatboards, storyboards or sketches of yours (and other artists’) that weren’t kept for the final version! i’m pretty sure the gallery wouldn’t be big enough, but that would be really interesting! Have you drawn anything about Remi’s mother?

    Hope you’ll come across others cool stuffs like this!


  7. nick Says:

    A really nice behind the scenes snapshot!

  8. Ivan Says:

    Thanks for reply Enrico,

    I was going to email you with follow up questions, but I figured loyal readers can read and learn from the thread.

    If the director need to pitch their film, do they (Pixar) in constant of looking for new ideas/projects hence beatboards are needed, or that’s the nature of any animation production? Do these beatboards functional in creating storyboards other than just for the pitches?

    PS: Btw, I like how one little mouse is trying or “enjoying” opening an eyelid of the lead rat character.