Tadahiro Ronnie Enrico

5 Responses to “Tadahiro Ronnie Enrico”

  1. Braga Says:

    The whole forest in one picture!

  2. flaviano Says:

    i think i’ve never seen Tadahiro smiles in no one photo of him.
    congrats guys the europe is yours!

  3. Sergio Honorez Says:

    Hi Enrico,

    Sorry I couldn’t manage to come from Brussels to Paris. It’s a quite busy time. I’ll visit the gallery later this month.
    Hope to see you in Angouleme. I will be there from tonight.
    Leave my mobile on your e-mail address.

    Cheers. You look great on the picture.

  4. Nathalie (Spacedlaw) Says:

    Hi Enrico. It was great to meet you guys yesterday.
    The pictures I took were not too dismal (although taking pictures of someone who is signing a book means loads of hair shots). I have made a specific folder of Flickr.

  5. Enrico Says:

    Braga- :) thanks!

    Flaviano- the Europe is ours! yay! :) eh eh … thanks man,.

    Sergio= it was great to meet you in Angouleme … a real pleasure to chat.

    Nathalie- Thanks Nathalie, nice to meet you too and thanks for sharing the photos!!