Drawing foxes

She’s drawing foxes … like me … at weird hours in the night. Though I draw them on my kitchen table. So here’s one more watercolor from the exhibition at Galerie Arludik (Click on the image at that link to see some of the amazing pieces by Tadahiro and Ronnie). If you want to see some of the pieces together I made this set on Flickr. The layout of this specific one is pretty much taken from a beautiful photo from the pages of the magazine Kyoto Journal. Really good issue too. I’ve looked at a lot of photography from the characteristic narrow streets of Gyon. Makes me want to fly to Kyoto this moment!

drawing foxes

4 Responses to “Drawing foxes”

  1. Gerald Says:


    That’s a really great illustration! The colors are nice and tight. So did you have to mask out the chalk outline or did you lay down some white colored pencils? I’ll be sure to check out our flickr photos – Thanks for keeping all of us posted :)

  2. Elisa Says:

    Seguo il tuo blog ormai da un po’ e mi piace sempre tutto moltissimo… ma questa illustrazione spicca per eccellenza *_* C’è un intero mondo dietro…

  3. Paul Says:

    The whole set is beautiful ! I especially like the one you posted, great colors

  4. michele benevento Says:

    ciao enrico,
    mi permetto di scriverti in italiano visto che è sicuramente migliore del mio inglese…
    sono capitato per caso sul tuo sito e dopo aver visto i tuoi lavori volevo farti i miei complimenti. Hai un disegno libero e fresco, molto gradevole…
    Lavori principalmente in e per l’america?
    Complimenti ancora e da oggi inizio a seguire il tuo blog.
    a presto