21st WWSketchCrawl

What a great sketchcrawl this past saturday! It was hands down the most attended with artists participating and gathering in more than 90 different locations around the globe. Don’t miss checking out all the drawings on the forums! It really still blows my mind that on these days we are soo many around the world drawing at the same time, it’s such a good feeling. A shout goes out to San Paolo in Brazil with a record 120 artists sketchcrawling there! Amazing! :) In San Francisco we weren’t too far behind with roughly 100 artists participating. It was really fun seeing everyone at the De Young Museum at the end of the afternoon. Below are my day’s watercolors. I started with sketching my daughter, whom I’ve honestly found for quite some time hard to capture. She’s so ridiculously adorable it’s hard to do it justice. These are among the first attempts I feel pretty good about. So, that’s it … and for next SketchCrawl early April! We’ll have a date asap!

sketchcrawl 21

12 Responses to “21st WWSketchCrawl”

  1. pierre alary Says:

    hey enrico!!
    would you bring some of your” venice..” book in angouleme? i’d love to buy one !!..i’m happy to “catch” you there!..i hope it will be possible…all the best

  2. davidbernal Says:

    Love Fios’ Drawing!!! specially love the green one in the middle of page 3 :) soo cute!!
    and the red mini cooper, wow, love that red!
    April here we come!!!

  3. cK Says:


    The drawings of your daughter was WONDERFUL. It is like capturing the magic of Miyazaki.


  4. Tee Says:

    Hello Enrico,

    Are there going to be more Totoro Project Books available for overseas buyers in the future?

    These sketches of your daughter are super cute! She’s adorable!

  5. Enrico Says:

    Pierre- great to hear from you!!! We totally have to meet in Angouleme!!! Really looking forward to it … and I will be sure to save one book for ya!!!

    davidbernal- thanks … yah some of those poses I especially like … the bottom left on page 2 I like too … very simple …

    cK- thanks Charles … these were indeed fun … will have to do more …

    Tee- I am afraid at the moment we’re sold out, as far as a possible reprint it’s still a tad early to say … sorry.


  6. Montalvo Says:

    Hi Enrico,

    Your daughter is really lovely, you must be such a proud father. Easy to figure that out seeing your drawings of her, lovely as well.

    You got a lot of beautiful sketches through the day, hope I can get loose and productive as you are, but Sketchcrawling definitely is a lot of fun. We had such a good time here.

    I put some new pictures at the Sketcheria, and will work on the English version as soon as possible.

    Thanks for confirming our record, we are so happy about it all.

    We had a full page on a big newspaper, with photos on the cover and all. I’ll send you a PDF file with it all tomorrow, ok?

    Best wishes and cheers from Brazil!

  7. Montalvo Says:

    Here goes the link for the Sketchcrawl Brazil report at the “O Estado de São Paulo”: http://www.estadao.com.br/estadaodehoje/20090112/not_imp305731,0.php



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  9. Gerald Says:

    There’s a “Yamada” feeling in your daughter’s sketches, that’s pretty appealing ! I love it !

  10. lepetitdoodler Says:

    enrico, your daughter is adorable!!!
    i’ve been following your blog since gerald introduced it to me…
    you’re a real inspiration…
    thanks a million for all the eye-candy :)

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  12. Nic Says:

    Fio sketches are amazing, as usual!!!
    Hope you’re all fine!
    have a nice day!