Happy new Year

Hey it’s the year of the cow! I owe you a drawing of one I think, everyone is doing it, but to tell you the truth I don’t have one so here’s a picture of me. That should do. So Happy New Year! I got a nice little surprise yesterday that made me feel good about the new year’s start: Venice Chronicles is in a top ten list of comics of 08 at Newsarama. Neat, thanks Caleb, glad you enjoyed the book.

Oh and this brand new review just popped up at Omnivoracious. Here’s a quote:”Released in December and largely overlooked, Enrico Casarosa’s The Venice Chronicles is a little gem of a book that should be on everyone’s list to buy for themselves and for friends”. You heard the man! Make it less overlooked! Order away! :)


One Response to “Happy new Year”

  1. Alexander Says:

    Wait, that picture looks more like a goat! :D

    Just kidding! Happy new year, health and good things to everyone in 2009!