Bye bye 2008

Wow, hard to believe the year is all done, gone, over. So there you have it last post of the 2008. For the occasion I’ll share a little photo gallery, all iphone photos taken in the last few days with this really neat app that turns your iphone into a toy camera. Highly recommended, it makes iphone pics look pretty darn good with a few different filters. A lot of Fio … 2008 was really her year and I have a feeling she might stake a claim on this next one coming too. So there you have, goodbye 08 and to all of you out there best wishes for a healthy, productive, inspired, creative, wonderful 2009!

4 Responses to “Bye bye 2008”

  1. Takayuki Fukatsu Says:

    Thanks for your using my App!
    Lovely baby pictures!

    I will update ToyCamera to ver3 soon.
    New one has 4 new effects, rectangle photo mode, and effect selection.

    Enjoy your photo life :-)

  2. davidbernal Says:

    Happy New Year!!!!!!!! ;)

  3. Bonny Says:

    Buon duemilanove, Enrico! Le foto di Fio sono favolose, cresce che รจ una meraviglia.

    Auguri da Roberto e Bonny.

  4. Enrico Says:

    Takayuki- eh eh … nice to hear from you … glad you like the photos. :) Great to hear about the upcoming updates! Tanoshimini!

    davidbernal- yay! to you tooo

    Bonny- Grazie tanto … auguroni a voi due !!!