more watercolors

I am almost on the home stretch on these watercolors for the upcoming exhibition in Paris. Here’s a few recent iphone shots from my kitchen table, the last few pieces. By the way while in France Ronnie I will also be attending Angouleme’s Festival International de la Bande Desinée. We’re really looking forward to meeting some of you there. More details to follow. Lastly I’d like to wish you all a wonderful and cozy Christmas!




12 Responses to “more watercolors”

  1. Anthony Says:

    Looking good–and Merry Christmas!

  2. Eduardo Medeiros Says:

    really amazing!
    you dont go to San Diego Comic con in next year too?
    maybe i will go for the first time.

    merry christmas Enrico!
    take care!

  3. Anna Meenaghan, Contemporary Artist Says:

    I am contemporary artist myself and felt I just had to leave a comment on your blog. What I have seen here today really is something special. I will definately bookmark your blog and recommend it to my friends and family. I wish you only the very best for the future.

  4. cK Says:

    buon Natale e Felice anno nuovo

    I like the tighter structure of these watercolors. There is more depth in color. As always, your compositions are spot on.


  5. blauereiter Says:

    Merry Christmas, love the first piece ! :]

  6. Andrés Arcos Says:

    Hi Enrico, just wanted to thak u for your work and for sharing it with everybody! It is inspirating to be able to see what creative artist like u are working on in real time. It´s very kind! Seriously, thank u! I´ve started my own blog too, i´m also an artist too and your blog it´s just a great example for me to follow, I´ve linked it ´course. I would be very pleased you came visit sometime. By the way I love sketchcrowl adventures the best! I´d love to participate sometime.
    Greating to you and your family, Merry Xmas!

  7. Rommel Joson Says:

    Beautiful watercolors! Lovely :)

  8. Enrico Says:

    Anthony, blauereiter, Rommel Joson- thanks, glad you like these!!! Hope you all had a wonderful xmas.

    Eduardo- I think we might be in San Diego this coming year yes … it’s a mad house … I am sure you’ll enjoy it … :) see you there maybe!!

    cK- thanks C … a few of these new pieces were done from photos and I think that is also what made them a little tighter … which I don’t like so much actually … trying to stay loose is always hard … I feel a few of these are a little over worked … but others I really like … :)

    Andrés- thanks for the kind words man … glad to hear you enjoy this blog … I will check yours right now! take care


  9. Enrico Says:

    great sketches Andres … I like your characters … keep it up …


  10. LitPark Says:

    I’m so captured by the image of someone riding a bike with a mask on… wow.

  11. Babatai Says:

    J’aime beaucoup ton boulot tes couleurs

  12. Enrico Says:

    Susan- thanks Susan, glad you like that one … :)

    Babatai- merci beaucoup !