Here’s another watercolor for the artshow in January. For these pieces I’ve been using several washes one of top of the other, gradually building contrast with darker more saturated colors.



8 Responses to “Jitensha”

  1. Dani Says:

    Pretty composition!

  2. lisandro Says:

    Great stuff. Also great comment on the process. You should totally come up with a book of your watercolors, but solo (nothing against the forest though) and some more comics. That way you might have some other critic rambling about your work without even paying attention. lol. Keep up the amazing work E!

  3. Alessandra Sorrentino Says:

    quest’ultimo acquerello mi piace moltissimo. bella l’atmosfera, la composizione e i personaggi in fondo sono il tocco magico!

  4. Justin Hunt Says:

    These new pieces are looking fantastic, Enrico. Looks like it will be an awesome exhibition. I hope you 3 trees are planning on doing another book together on this one.

  5. Craig Says:

    You should have seen the look on my face when I saw this in my feed reader this morning. :-P I want a copy! :-D


  6. Enrico Says:


    Lisandro- watercolors only! will do … someday … :)

    Alessandra- grazie mi fa piacere ti piaccia!

    Justin- JUSTIN!!! Great to hear from you!!! How are you??? Shoot me an email sometime!!! Would love to hear how things are going down south for ya. Thanks for the compliments … too kind. We are not planning a book at the moment … given that the artshow will features roughly 50% new pieces with the rest being prints from the first 3 trees make a forest show.

    Craig- it was your wonderful photo!!! I had forgot whose it was, I pull a lot of images from the internet and put them into my “inspiration folder” … this was one that totally grabbed me … great composition and great bike … :)


  7. Art lover Says:

    Thats awesome! you’re really good.

  8. opi Says:

    Composition,lights are very very nice…..