New moleskine sketching

I am enjoying this nice new Moleskine I got last week, it’s larger than their regular size and with a nice soft leather cover. I am having a good time sketching in it. Notebooks are often really about feel, do they feel good to draw in? I have many notebooks that don’t quite work for me, even though they are nice. Very subjective and almost hard to put your finger on. Anyyyway, these are a couple of studies for pieces for an upcoming exhibition in Paris!!!!! Late January… more details on that will follow, but I’ll give you a hint: 森.

12 Responses to “New moleskine sketching”

  1. Anthony Says:

    I’ll have to give that a try…and btw, those foxes are completely brilliant.

  2. Becky Says:

    Those foxes are really nice. It’s so much fun starting a new sketchbook, but I never draw on the first page – I don’t want to ruin it! (My favorite sketchbooks right now are Hand Book brand.) :)

  3. j Says:

    Nice stuff! HI’m glad you’re enjoying the new moleskines. The Soft Covers are great!

  4. k borcz Says:

    I love my moleskin. They’re soo durable. Nice foxes!

  5. colin jack Says:

    great fox drawings

  6. John Hoffman Says:

    3 in Paris huh? Exciting.

    Great foxes.

    So, does that new Moleskine take watercolour any better, or is it the same paper as the harder covered molskine?

  7. Matt Jones Says:

    That Moleskine is enormous! Moleskines are super expensive in France, I love drawing in the Italian Fabriano books, greta paper for watercolours.

  8. Enrico Says:

    Anthony, k borcz, colin jack- thanks!

    Becky- handbook brand? I have to look ‘em up …

    j- yeah I don’t know why but the soft fake leather feels really nice doesn’t it!?

    John Hoffman- yah… pretty neat uh!? I haven’t tried watercolor on the moleskine, the paper is the usual one, if not actually a bit thinner, so frankly I wouldn’t even try water media on this … it’s for pen only … me thinks.

    Matt Jones- I love them Fabrianos too … that’s for sure. Not sure how expensive they are in France … curious actually to hear how much … but Moleskines aren’t cheap here either … this one was $20 …


  9. Man Arenas Says:

    those “cahiers” from Moleskine are absolutly great, thin paper but supporting watercolors without any trouble… and one of them is plenty of pages!
    enjoy it ^-^

  10. Sean Says:

    Do these big Moleskines also have the habit of sucking up ink so much your lines tend to disappear? I have this a lot with regular moleskines. It really is a shame, I love their design (the pocket is a brilliant idea) and the elastic band and build quality are all awesome, but I hate the paper for ink/markers.

  11. Enrico Says:

    manuel- you know you are one of the few people I see get away with doing awesome watercolors on moleskine … pretty impressing! I can’t quite make it work …
    by the way what brand of watercolors do you like?

    Sean- I haven’t noticed that issue … maybe it’s also about what ink you use on them …


  12. robin joseph Says:

    really neat! love the page of the fox sketches..really nice shapes. love it enrico !