bouldering e

A quick watercolor I did for a climbing friend at Ape. I haven’t gone climbing in almost eight months, but used to be really into it for a few years. Ahh … fatherhood … on an vaguely related note after almost one year of no surfing, I was finally able to get out at Pacifica this past weekend. Man it felt good to be in the waves out there.

5 Responses to “bouldering e”

  1. Cuauhtli Charecua Says:

    Awww, this is beautiful! As always! :D

  2. Gerald Says:

    Yo e, Go to IronWorks next to work! Those climbers are super strong. I love how you included the wall level for your climbing character. That’s a tuff angle. But at least you got the Spidey colors to help :D

  3. Teresa Valero Says:


    Really nice and funny watercolour. (I can pretty well understand what you mean as saying “fatherhood”, I have three little kids!)

    I love your blog! (And I agree all your words on Isaac, what a wonderful comicbook!)

    Greetings from Spain.


  4. Giuseppe Ferrario Says:

    Quando torni in Italia andiamo a Finale a farci qualche tiro!

  5. Matt Jones Says:

    I did a via ferrata climb in the summer-pretty intense on those high wires! Have you seen the documentary BRA BOYS on the Aussie surf crew of the same name? Some great footage in there.
    Thnx for the book printing info.